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Our Smart Menus are different!

You want to offer touchless menus for your clients, maybe your competitor already does that, and you want to stay competitive in this new normal we are living. How can you be different?

Almost every touchless menu offered today is either a photo or a PDF image of the actual menu and that is very difficult to read and do not offer any benefits to the clients other than stuffing a mullti page menu in a 2.5 x 6 inch screen which is the size of most cellphones.

The itWorksMedia menu displays your menu items in sections, each item can have a high resolution photo, your clients can click on each items to read its details, in a font size that is easy to read and understand and you can match the colors and logo of your menu with your restaurant's identity.

And best of all, you can make recommendations, change prices, create new items or disable items in your menu with simple clicks! No more crowded menus that are difficult to read, let's offer a better service through a better menu for your clients today!

So, if you like to be different, simply get our Smart Menu for your restaurants, your clients will thank you!

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Why Use A Smart Menu?

Our menus offer the level of service that your clients deserve and the feedback you need to manage your restaurant more efficiently. Here are some benefits of our menus:

  • Create unlimited menus with unlimited sections (e.g. Drinks, Imported Drinks, Entrees, Specialties, Dessert, etc.)
  • Create unlimited items per menu
  • Get stats of how many times a menu, section of item is open/clicked on
  • Make crossed recommendation to push certain items or drinks (e.g., certain white wine under the Fish Specialties)
  • Create promotions like "Dish of the day" and promoted on the main page of your menu
  • Make changes to item price, availability, description and more with
    simple clicks
  • Configure adds like "Add Guacamole for only $1.99"
  • Offer free items or discounts based on client registration (optional)
  • Send blast SMS and MMS to clients who register to receive promos about new items, specials and events at your restaurant!

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100% Customizable Menus

When our clients talk, we sure listen! Our menus are 100% customized to match our clients palette of colors, logos, fonts and even the general layout of the menus can be fully customized to provide 100% satisfaction!

Plus, our menus can be configured in English and Spanish!


Powerful virtual office

Ever wondered what your clients are looking at in your menu? Your answer is here, with our smart menus you can find out every action that your clients are taking while browsing your menu, and there is much more, contact us today for the details!

Our virtual office interface is available in English and Spanish!


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